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Dalform is an experienced company in Design and Construction of Concrete structures with Waffle slabs specially U-Boot Beton ®.
Advancement of professional civil engineering and practicing of modern technologies are our main goals. With its highly qualified team of engineers, the company continues being “a breeding ground of widely successful innovations”; innovations that have considerably improved construction methods in Iran by using lightened bidirectional (U-BOOT BETON ®)  slabs.
Growing customer interest in sustainable development is driven by both increased consumer demand for responsible business management and additional regulatory requirements. We have combined our expertise in efficient water and energy solutions to help our customers save money while improving the environment and reducing overall natural resource consumption. We optimize natural resources and drive prosperity through unrivaled engineered solutions, and are always committed to creating harmony between the environment and the economy.
We believe that the essence of structural design is the appropriate usage of material. Unnecessary weight is created by materials that are not significantly contributing to a structures stability.
In this concept we offer use of U-Boot Beton technology in the design and execution process of concrete structures for buildings to achieve numerous advantages of this technology.
All of our products are environmentally friendly, we believe in the improvement of an safe and productive environment. Our goals are to conserve and protect natural resources for future generations, and to protect human health through environmental stewardship.

Head Office: No. 7 , 2361, Valiasr St, Tehran, IRAN

Tel: +98 (217) 772-8422 , Fax: +98 (218) 867-1757


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